Photos22: Underwater Photos and Albums using your Phone

Summary written by ChatGPT

  • 00:00 Chris and Jim from Geeks on Tour shared their experience of a scuba diving trip to the British Virgin Islands, focusing on underwater photography.
  • 01:20 They emphasized the importance of starting a photo album before leaving home to manage and share vacation photos more easily.
  • 02:30 Using Google Photos, they created an album that they updated daily, allowing friends and followers to see their progress and comment in real-time.
  • 07:10 They used a specialized underwater housing for a phone, enabling them to take high-quality underwater photos without needing a separate camera.
  • 10:00 The Dive Plus app was highlighted for its ability to color-correct underwater photos and videos with one tap, significantly improving their appearance.
  • 12:20 Jim demonstrated the underwater housing, explaining its features, including compatibility with various phones and touch-sensitive controls.
  • 22:00 Chris recommended checking out more episodes of “Fun with Photos” for additional tips on photo albums and diving photography techniques.



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