Photos19. Google Slides can make a slideshow using Google Photos

Summary written by ChatGPT

  1. [0:00] Creating Slideshows with Google Slides: Learn how to use Google Slides to create a slideshow using your Google Photos albums, allowing for customization with titles, text, and transitions.
  2. [1:32] Using Add-ons for Efficiency: Discover the Photos to Slides add-on by Clay Smith, which simplifies importing multiple photos from a Google Photos album into individual slides, saving time and effort.
  3. [6:10] Adding Text and Graphics: Customize your slides by adding text, resizing photos, and drawing arrows to highlight specific details, providing complete creative control over your presentation.
  4. [9:45] Incorporating Transitions and Music: Enhance your slideshow with transitions between slides and background music, learning how to set music to play continuously throughout the presentation.
  5. [13:20] Saving and Naming Your Presentation: Ensure your presentation is easily accessible by saving it to a specific folder in Google Drive and giving it a descriptive name.
  6. [14:10] Embedding Slideshows in Websites: Embed your Google Slides presentation into a blog or webpage by using the ‘Publish to web’ feature and copying the provided HTML code.
  7. [16:05] Dynamic Updates: Make changes to your Google Slides presentation even after embedding it, with updates reflecting dynamically on the linked website, allowing for ongoing modifications and improvements.



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