July 2024 News: 10 years of "Button Shows", Google Photos new Free Editing, Fireworks Photos

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Newsletter: July 2024 | Issue 203 | Archives 


What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks?

June was a catch-up month. We were home and did a lot of work on our website. We also used Zoom and YouTube for several training sessions. 

The photo above is in the parking lot of our home after a torrential rainstorm. The double rainbow was jaw-dropping!

Tutorials: We made some Tutorial videos and did our Live YouTube Presentations. See several new tutorial videos, numbered 857-865. We posted 2 new Fun with Photos episodes as well as 2 of our Sunday “What Does This Button Do?” shows. See links below.

Community: We so enjoy the Zoom meetings we have with our members. We chat backstage after every Sunday “Button Show”. We learn from you as well as teach. We taught another of our classes over zoom – for members only – called Do More with Google Photos. If you are a premium member, you can view that class and more on our Classes page. See specific links at the end of this newsletter.

What’s New? This month we have another dive trip to the Cayman Islands, we plan to do one of our “Button Shows” from there, and take lots of photos! 

Keep scrolling down and you’ll see new articles about our 10 year anniversary of “What Does This Button Do?”, Google Photos, and Smartphone tips. Plus links to everything added to our website this past month.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

We’re Presenting Live via Zoom in Florida this month. Fun! On a personal note, we’ll be diving in Little Cayman for a week in July!

July 2024

August 2024

  • “What Does This Button Do?” 2 pm ET Sunday Live on YouTube and Facebook
    • August 11th and 25th  Episodes 282 and 283
    • Members Only Backstage Zoom after the shows
  • August 4th and 18th Fun With Photos Podcast at 2 pm ET
  •  Tech For Senior’s Selected Mondays at Noon ET “Fun With Photos”
  • August 8 at 7pm ET Ask Chris Anything

Ask the Geeks Q&A Forum

Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit ofmembership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions:

  1. Text tool in Snapseed not working
  2. Glare reduction on scans
  3. Calendar confusion
  4. Block someone on Facebook

10 Years of “What Does This Button Do?”

Our very first episode of What Does This Button Do was live-streamed on June 30, 2014! Last week’s show was # 279. All episodes are listed on our website under the YouTube Show menu. You can scroll all the way back to that first show and watch it. We’ve also made the show notes free for anyone rather than for members only. 

It looked a little different back then! We were living in our motorhome, and we used Google + and Hangouts on Air to produce the show. I found this post from our personal blog about what it was like to do the show from the RV. I also noticed that it was only 30 minutes long. It has grown! We are now spending one hour to do the show. 

We’re curious – do you like the hour timeframe? Or should we go back to 30 minutes? Please vote by filling out this short survey. And let us know how you like the show. 

Click here to vote

Google Photos Magic Eraser is now Free! And there’s more…

The Google Photos editing features demonstrated in the photos above, “Dynamic,” “Magic Eraser,” “Portrait,” and “Background Blur,” used to be only avaialbe to you if you had a paid subscription to Google One. No longer. Even free accounts now have access to these tools. Check it out:

Read More

Taking Fireworks Photos – Fourth of July Style!

Links to Recent Content added to our Website

Tutorial Videos:

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What Does This Button Do? 

Fun with Photos 

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