Stop fumbling with your phone, here’s how to take a picture – quick!

If you have an Android phone – just double-press the side button, also known as the on/off button. This will bring up the camera from anywhere – even if the phone is locked – just press that side button twice fast.

I almost never tap the camera app icon because this double-press method is so convenient. I see a photo I want to take, my phone is in my pocket, I can double-press that button as I’m pulling it out of my pocket and I’m ready to take the shot. I’m sitting on a train, reading my email, when I look out the window and see a castle going by and I want a photo. Just double-press that button and the camera pops up over my email. Quick and easy.

I know this works on Samsung phones and Google Pixel phones. I have seen it work on other models, but I don’t know if it works on ALL Android phones. If it doesn’t work on yours, it may just be a setting.

  • Samsung: Settings, Advanced, Side Button, Double press – Quick launch camera
  • Pixel: Settings, System, Gestures, quickly open camera

iPhone Camera

The shortcut to the camera on iPhones is on the lock screen – and only on the lock screen. This is useful for the phone-is-in-pocket scenario, but not in the I’m-reading-email scenario. On older iPhones (with a round home button), you swipe left from the lock screen to go to camera. On newer ones, you should see a camera icon at the bottom right of your lock screen – touch and hold on that and the camera will appear.

Now for the A.I. version

The article above was written entirely by me, Chris Guld. I’m experimenting with the Copilot A.I. chatbot by Microsoft and wondered if it could improve on my writing. I asked Copilot to “Review the following article and make it more readable and engaging.” Below is the results. Let me know what you think in the comments. I kinda like it, but I’m not sure it sounds like me.

Unlocking Your Phone’s Hidden Superpower: The Double-Press Camera Shortcut


Ever missed a perfect photo because your camera app took ages to load? Or fumbled with your phone while trying to capture a fleeting moment? Fear not! I’ve got a simple trick that’ll transform your smartphone photography game.

The Magic of the Double-Press

Picture this: You’re walking down the street, and suddenly, there it is—the most adorable puppy you’ve ever seen. You want to capture the cuteness before it scampers away. Instead of fumbling through your apps, just double-press the side button (also known as the on/off button). Voilà! The camera instantly pops up, ready for action.

Why Double-Pressing Is Your New Best Friend

  1. Speed and Convenience:
    • Forget tapping the camera icon on your home screen. The double-press method is lightning-fast. Whether your phone is locked or in your pocket, those precious moments won’t slip away.
    • Imagine this: You’re on a train, engrossed in your email. Suddenly, the landscape outside catches your eye—a majestic castle against a fiery sunset. No time to waste! Double-press that button, and you’re in photo mode.
  2. Universal Compatibility (Almost):
    • This nifty trick works like a charm on Samsung phones and Google Pixel phones. But what about other Android models? Well, it’s a bit like magic—sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, check your settings.
    • Here’s the path to enlightenment:
      • Settings
      • Advanced
      • Side Button
      • Double press – Quick launch camera
  3. iPhone Users, We’ve Got You Covered Too:
    • iPhones have their own secret handshake for camera access. It’s all about the lock screen:
      • Older iPhones (with a round home button): Swipe left from the lock screen, and there it is—the camera!
      • Newer iPhones: Look for the camera icon at the bottom right of your lock screen. Touch and hold, and—boom!—you’re in business.


Next time you spot that adorable puppy, the breathtaking sunset, or the quirky street art, remember your new superpower: the double-press camera shortcut. Capture life’s moments with ease, and let your creativity flow. Happy snapping! 📸✨


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