June 2024 News: Add text below a photo, Camera shortcuts, Chrome Profiles

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Newsletter: June 2024 | Issue 202 | Archives 

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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks?

May was a busy month. First we traveled by RV to the west coast of Florida and presented an in-person class for Sun City Center Computer Club. We loved telling people to get out their phones and try things, then hearing them exclaim – “Wow, I didn’t know that!” 

The second week in May we were underwater! We spent a week on the BVI Aggressor – a dive boat based in the British Virgin Islands. See the photo album here.

Two days after returning from the islands, Chris was whisked away to the Google Product Experts event in Austin Texas. 

Tutorials: Even with all that, we still made some Tutorial videos and did our Live YouTube Presentations. See several new tutorial videos, numbered 854-857. We posted 2 new Fun with Photos episodes as well as 2 of our Sunday “What Does This Button Do?” shows. See links below.

Community: We so enjoy the Zoom meetings we have with our members. We chat backstage after every Sunday “Button” show. We learn from you as well as teach. We just finished our series of Google Photos workshops (live over Zoom) with #4 covering Sharing and Creating: Chapters 9 & 10.  If you missed them – you can see all the materials, including a recording of the Zoom meeting, on our Classes page. Remember this is for members only. 

What’s New? This month we do 1 new Google Photos workshop, 2 new “Button” shows, and a Google Photo Live Q&A: “Ask Chris Anything.” See the calendar below for details. 

Keep scrolling down and you’ll see new articles about Google Photos, Smartphone tips, and a video about using Chrome Profiles to easily switch between users on your computer. Plus links to everything added to our website this past month.

We’ll be home, playing catch-up for the month of June, then we’re back diving in July.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

We’re Presenting Live via Zoom in Florida this month. Fun! On a personal note, we’ll be diving in Little Cayman for a week in July!

June 2024

  • “What Does This Button Do?” 2 pm ET Sunday Live on YouTube and Facebook
    • June 9th and 23rd  Episodes 278 and 279
    • Members Only Backstage Zoom after the shows
  • June 2nd and 16th Fun With Photos Podcast at 2 pm ET
  •  Tech For Senior’s Selected Mondays at Noon ET “Fun With Photos”
  • June 13 7pm ET Ask Chris Anything
  • June 27 3pm ET Workshop Do More with Google Photos FOR MEMBERS ONLY – Registration Required.

July 2024

  • “What Does This Button Do?” 2 pm ET Sunday Live on YouTube and Facebook
    • July 28th Episode 280
    • Members Only Backstage Zoom after the shows
  • July 3rd, 7 pm ET Sarasota Technology Users Group Presentation
  • July 1st and 15th Fun With Photos Podcast at 2 pm ET
  •  Tech For Senior’s Selected Mondays at Noon ET “Fun With Photos”
  • July 24th 3pm Google Photos Workshop: Gathering Your Lifetime of Photos and Videos. Registration required. Premium Members Only.

Ask the Geeks Q&A Forum

Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit ofmembership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions:

  1. Gmail and 2-step verification
  2. Sending Photos to Facebook
  3. MacBook Air and Google apps

Text Below a Photo – using Snapseed

In playing with the free Snapseed app, I discovered a way to add a black bottom border to the photo and then add text to that. This is a great way to add captions to photos that cannot be ignored!

Read the Article, including a tutorial video

Stop fumbling with your phone, here’s how to take a picture – quick!

This article will teach you the camera shortcut methods for both Android and iPhones. I especially like the Android – “double press the side button” technique. It is so handy I use it all the time.

If you click the link to read the article, you’ll get a video and an extra bonus. I (Chris) wrote the article, then I asked A.I. to rewrite it. Let me know what you think.

Read the Article

Tutorial Video on Chrome Profiles – Like having multiple computers in one!

We don’t often make videos on computer-only topics, but we find Chrome profiles to so useful, we made an exception. In this short, 3.5 minute video, you’ll learn how to set up multiple accounts so you don’t need to logout and login.

Links to Recent Content added to our Website

Tutorial Videos:

YouTube Shows:

What Does This Button Do? 

Fun with Photos 

Top Tips (members only)

Classes (members only)

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