If you’re using Google Photos under the free 15GB plan, you now have some powerful editing tools

The Google Photos editing features demonstrated in the photos above, “Dynamic,” “Magic Eraser,” “Portrait,” and “Background Blur,” used to be only avaialbe to you if you subscribed to Google One. No longer. Even free accounts now have access to these tools. Check it out:

  • Open any photo, tap the Edit button, then try “Dynamic”
  • If there is something in the photo that you want gone, tap on Tools, then Magic Eraser. See this video: 791.GP-Magic Eraser
  • You may even have the new “Magic Editor.” It is rolling out now to phones powerful enough to use it. Look for a separate button to the left of the main editing menu. It allows you to select objects in the photo and move or resize them. Think of a photo of someone jumping – you can make it look like they’ve jumped 3 feet off the ground rather than just 6 inches!

If you open any photo and tap the edit button you will see all your choices. The tools below with a multi-colored 1 are what I’m talking about. Right away, on the Suggestions tab, you’ll see “Dynamic” – this is the tool I used on the first photo above. Notice there is also a tool for “Color Pop” this one will only appear if your photo has people or other distinct objects in the foreground. Since this change making the special options free, you will no longer see the multi-colored 1, and these tools will just work.

If you scroll over to the Tools menu, you will see more premium options:

Review Google Photos Editing Tools

The Google Photos app on mobile devices has an extensive set of editing tools. You can watch this video from Nov 2020 to review the main editing tools on mobile. Most of these exist on the Web version as well, but the layout is a bit different.

Running out of Google Account Storage?

If you’re reaching your 15GB storage limit for Google Photos, you still need to pay for Google One membership. How do you do that? Just pay a minimum of $2/mo for 100 GB account storage. Just open your Google Photos app, tap the account button (circle in top right) and tap where it says “Get Storage.” That will take you straight to Google One and show you pricing options for monthly or annual payments. AND, you can share your Google One storage with up to 5 others!

About the author: Chris Guld has been teaching technology since 1983. Since 2010 her focus is on smartphones and photography. She wrote a book on Picasa in 2009, you can get her current book: Learn Google Photos at Amazon. Chris is a Diamond Level Google Product Expert in Google Photos.


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