How to print text below a photo, using Snapseed

Beach at sunset with caption

When we taught Snapseed for our “What does this Button Do?” show, a viewer asked if there was a way to have text appear below a photo rather than right on it. I answered, “No” Snapseed can only edit the photo, it has no way to add captions and then display them below the photo. BUT, I kept thinking about it, and I discovered a way to add a black bottom border to the photo and then add text to that. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the photo in Snapseed and tap Tools, then Expand
  2. You should see 3 choices for the fill color: Smart, White, and Black – tap on Black
    Snapseed screenshot with instructions
  3. Drag the bottom of the photo down until you have enough a black bar to contain your text
  4. Tap the Checkmark to complete
  5. Tap Tools then Text
  6. Double tap where the sample text appears, then tap again to type your text
  7. Choose your style of text (the cards icon) and choose the color (palette icon)
  8. Tap Checkmark, then Export/Save or Done

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