Show276. HodgePodge of Tech Tips for Everyone

  • 1:37 iPhone and Android keyboard shortcut for punctuation
  • 5:52 Hello and Intro
  • 9:59 Different users on one computer – Profiles on Chrome
  • 15:58 Transcribe and Summarize YouTube videos
  • 20:02 Camera Scanning old photos, PhotoScan
  • 24:04 Photo scanning with Photomyne including slides
  • 37:00 Sorting Albums with Google Photos
  • 38:50 Sorting photos within albums using Google Photos
  • 41:35 Sorting your entire library of Google Photos
  • 47:55 Smartphone tip: Add icon to home screen for a website
  • 51:30 Your phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • 55:44 Conserve phone battery with Airplane mode
  • 58:33 Google Maps timeline to see where you’ve been
  • 1:00:03 Review questions
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