Did you know that your Samsung phone can be a wireless charger for your other devices?

I have an Android phone that is a Samsung S21 Ultra. I also have an iPhone SE. When we went to El Salvador, I tried to charge my iPhone with the cable I brought for that purpose. I plugged the one end into the phone and the other into a USB slot on a power plug. It didn’t work. After some trial and error we determined that the cable was bad. It was the only one I had with me and we did not have any way to go out and buy another. The Power Sharing feature of my Samsung, sure came in handy then!

Turn on Wireless Power Sharing on your Samsung phone

You can find Wireless Power Sharing as an option on your device’s shortcuts. Swipe down from the top of the screen, then swipe down again. There may be several screenfuls of shortcuts so you may need to swipe left before you see it. Just tap it to see the On button.

If you don’t see the shortcut, you can open the phone’s system settings, choose Battery and device care, then tap on Battery and scroll down till you see Wireless power sharing. Tap that and turn it on.

Not all Samsung phones have this feature, but most of them in the last few years do. It can’t hurt to look.

Use the back of your phone like a wireless charging pad

Once you have turned on Wireless power sharing, the back of your phone acts just like a wireless charger. Simply place any other wireless charging capable device on the back of the phone in the center, and it will start charging. You will need to take off any case for this to work. The phone must be naked.

Imagine you’re with friends at a restaurant and their phone goes dead. They don’t have a cable or any other method to charge it. You can be the hero by offering the back of your phone as a wireless charging pad!


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