Show273. How to use Google Slides

  • 1:16 Understanding Google Drive vs Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • 8:46 Hello and Introduction
  • 11:12 What can you do with Google Slides
  • 13:07 All the Geeks’ presentations are made with Google Slides and embedded on our website
  • 15:09 Present vs Edit
  • 16:30 View presentations on the phone
  • 18:05 Google One vs Workspace
  • 19:30 Demo of Collaboration on Google Slides
  • 22:00 Google Slides to create photo slideshows with Google Photos
  • 30:11 Adding music
  • 33:57 Embed a slideshow on a blog or web page (
  • 37:38 Creating images
  • 50:22 What if you don’t have an internet connection?
  • 51:28 How to enable the collaboration feature?
  • 52:00 Google Photos workshops
  • 53:39 Review

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