I Got my 2022-23 Blog Book!

No, I didn’t write a book about blogging, I’m referring to the books I get printed from my personal blog. You see, I like to write about my life and, when I first learned about blogging in 2003, I jumped right on. I’ve now kept that blog going for 21 years and 2,139 blog posts. I would be devastated if something happened to that blog, so I get it printed. So far, I’ve been getting hard cover, 4-color printing done. I love leaving one or two books sitting on our coffee table and browsing thru them once in a while. Wow! What a life we’ve had.

The bookshelf with all of our Blog Books.
I love browsing thru my blog books and bringing back memories

I use Blogger.com – a free service by Google – for keeping my Blog. I use Blog2Print.com to turn it into a book. The hard cover books are great for the coffee table, but I also want a digital copy. Why should I get a digital copy, the blog itself is a digital version right? The blog is a web-based version. What if Google kills Blogger – yes, it could happen. Or what if I delete my Google account? There are a few scenarios where the actual blog could disappear. In that case, I would want a digital copy on my local hard drives, a .pdf of the books. And, where the books themselves cost $50-$100, the .pdf versions of the books are only $10. It makes me feel very secure that I have both the printed copy and the .pdf.

If you have a blog, either on Blogger.com or on WordPress and you would like a book, here is a video of how I use Blog2Print to make mine.


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