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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks?

March is a beautiful time of year in South Florida, so we stayed home and enjoyed it. We even visited a local tourist attraction called Flamingo Gardens during the Orchid festival. The image above is one of many photo opps from that day. Here’s a little video that Jim made using Google Photos.
Tutorials: We were quite productive during this month at home. We produced several new tutorial videos, numbered 844-849. We also did a live Google Photos Q&A as well as 2 of our Sunday “What Does This Button Do?” shows. I think we did an especially good job on Episode 273 How to use Google Slides. Did you see it? Jim has gotten oh-so-good at using his video production tools (mostly eCamm Live)

Even my lesson-teaching went smoothly. I think it may be one of our very best shows. Check it out and tell us what you think. And, if you think, “But I’m not interested in Google Slides.” you may be surprised. The tagline is “Not just for presentations.”

Community: We so enjoy the Zoom meetings we have with our members. Many of you have become like family, especially those who came with us to Hawaii. We learn from you as well as
teach. We have now held 3 sessions of our Learn Google Photos workshops for members. Each session covers subsequent chapters from the book. Next month we will finish the series with #4 covering Sharing and Creating: Chapters 9 & 10. See the link in the Calendar below. If you missed 1, 2, or 3 – you can see all the materials, including a recording of the Zoom meeting, on our Classes page. Remember this is for members only.
What’s New? This month we do 2 new Google Photos workshops, 2 new “Button” shows, and in May we actually have a live, in-person presentation. See the calendar below for details.

Keep scrolling down and you’ll see new articles about Google Photos, Blogger books, and using A.I. for creating images. Plus links to everything added to our website this past month. Whew … I’m tired 😮.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

We’re attending a small RV Rally in Florida this month. Fun!

April 2024

  • “What Does This Button Do?” 2 pm ET Sunday Live on YouTube
    • April 7th and 21st  Episodes 274 and 275
    • Members Only Backstage Zoom after the shows
  • April 14th and 28th Fun With Photos Podcast at 2 pm ET
  • April 2, 3-5pm Google Photos Workshop #3. A Zoom meeting for members-ony Workshop recording.
  •  Tech For Senior’s Selected Mondays at Noon ET “Fun With Photos”
  • April 30 3-5pm Google Photos Workshop #4. A Zoom meeting for members only. Registration required.

May 2024

Ask the Geeks Q&A Forum

Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit ofmembership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions

  1. Upload Pictures from phone to laptop
  2. Get iCloud photos to Google Photos for facial recognition
  3. Moving from Dropbox to Google Photos?
  4. Missing Windows Taskbar

Be sure to watch our “What Does This Button Do?” Episode 274 on Sunday April 7 at 2pm Eastern when we’ll show Photo Editing using Google Photos that goes beyond the basics. 

I Got my 2022-23 Blog Book!

I use Blogger.com – a free service by Google – for keeping my Blog. I use Blog2Print.com to turn it into a book. The hard cover books are great for the coffee table, …

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Problems with your phone? Try Reboot!

Just like we learned to use Alt/Ctrl/Del to reboot our computer and fix problems, the same concept applies to our smartphones. Here’s a video that shows you how, both with Android and iPhone.

How to Reboot Your Smartphone

Google Photos can be as simple, or as complex, as you want.

Google Photos was created in 2015 to address the issue of people taking thousands of photos with their phones. It was designed to free you from the burden of your photos and leave you with the pure joy of exploring them. No work on your part. Just install the app on your phone, turn on the Backup and let go!

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I Like Using A.I. to Make my Images

Often I write “How-To” articles where I want an image that helps get a concept across. A page full of text is just too boring. I have been known to spend hours finding just the right image and maybe tweaking it a bit for my needs. Now, I just have to get clear on what I want and ask for it!

If I was a professional artist, …

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Links to Recent Content added to our Website

Tutorial Videos:

YouTube Shows:
What Does This Button Do? 

Fun with Photos 

Top Tips (members only)

Classes (members only)

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