Zoom Meeting Views

We are in Zoom meetings multiple times each week and we’ve noticed some new issues recently.

  1. A barely noticeable dialog box is preventing people from unmuting or turning on their camera
  2. If your view is set to “Full Screen” (which happens by default when someone shares screen) you do not have access to top, bottom, or side bars.

Dialog Boxes

It’s normal for a dialog box to suspend all other screen activity until the dialog box is handled. For example, when you click a command to Print you will see a large dialog box appear in the middle of your screen with all the print options. It’s clear that when this dialog box is up, you cannot click on anything in the screen behind it. The problem with this Zoom dialog box is twofold:

  1. It’s easy to miss because it is a single line at the top of your meeting screen rather than a big white box in the middle of the screen.
  2. The position of the OK button might mean “Ok, leave meeting” rather than “Ok, this meeting is being livestreamed.”

While that dialog box is up you may not be able to unmute or turn on your camera (the buttons at the lower left.) Click the blue OK button to make the dialog box disappear and release the hold on the mute and camera buttons.

Full Screen View

A Zoom meeting may be viewed in Full Screen mode. When that is the case, your Zoom meeting takes over the entire screen – as if it is the only thing going on with your computer. You will not see the Windows Task bar at the bottom and you will not have your normal Window controls at the top (minimize, maximize, restore.) If there are other people in the meeting, their boxes will be covering up some of main person talking or their screenshare. If you are not in Full Screen view, then the people can move to their own row at the top of the screen, any chat screen can be pinned to a right side bar, and you will regain your window controls and taskbar.

To switch between Full Screen View and not Full Screen View, click the “View” button in the upper right. You will either see “Exit Full Screen,” meaning that you are currently IN Full Screen View, or “Full Screen” which will take you to Full Screen view.

Full Screen View
Not Full Screen View

We hope these tips help you feel a little more in control when you’re in a Zoom meeting.


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