You have my Google Photos book, but have you read it?

My book, “Learn Google Photos” is available on Amazon in Print or as Kindle eBook. A lot of people have purchased it, I don’t think many of them have actually read it. This is not intended to be a guilt trip, I’m just recognizing that reading a comprehensive manual from cover to cover is not something that people want to do. They’re overwhelmed, I get it. I would hope that you would skim it from page 1 thru page 151 in order to be aware of what is between the covers. That way, if you hit a problem with Google Photos, or you have a question, you’ll know what is contained in the book and it will help you when you need it.

Updating the Printed Book

The book was written 2 years ago. A lot changes in web-based products like Google Photos in that amount of time. Reading the book and understanding the concepts will help you even if the step-by-step has changed. When you understand the purpose of a feature, you can figure out how to make it work even if the menus have changed.

My dillemma is whether or not to do the work to update the book, when I know that the update will soon be out-of-date again. But, yes, I need to do the updates. I am working on it and have about 1/3 of the book updated. If you are a premium member of you can access the updated version, in .pdf format, on the eBooks page. Meanwhile, I am keeping a running list of changes in the Google Photos product at Please check that out if you are interested in what has changed.

Top Tips

I am interested in teaching. I want people to learn what they came here to learn. If I recognize that people are not going to read a book cover to cover, what else can I do to help them learn? More and more I understand that people learn in bite-size pieces. Short tips are more easily digested than full chapters. Sometimes, after reading a short tip, people are ready to dive in and learn more. People learn when they are ready to learn. It’s called “the teachable moment.” My latest endeavor at is called “Top Tips.” Our website has been gathering video tutorials and other written lessons for nearly 20 years. There’s a lot of content here. If you look on the Tutorials menu, you’ll see a new option called “Top Tips.” That is where I create short, written tips on things I think people want to learn. At the bottom of this short tip there is a section called “Learn More.” Tutorial videos, articles, and other links are listed here, easily available when people are ready to dive in to further learning.

Learn Google Photos Tip by Tip

It occurred to me that maybe the entire “Learn Google Photos” book could be better digested with Top Tips. What I have done is to create one tip per chapter. Each tip gives a brief summary of the chapter and then lists further resources if you want to “Learn More.” The list of Chapter Summary, “Top Tips” are shown in a Learning Guide. It’s called “Learn Google Photos Tip by Tip” and it looks like this:

For members only

I teach because I love it. And I’m always trying to get better. The only way to be sure I’m giving value is if people are willing to pay. There is a LOT of free material on our website and on our YouTube channel but we still need to charge for our premium content. I consider these “Top Tips” to be premium content. You must be a premium member, about $60/year, in order to have access to these tips.

Hands-on Classes to Learn Google Photos – Members Only

I don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that the best way to learn technology is hands-on. When I started teaching in 1983, we had a classroom of computers. Students sat at those computers and I had hands-on exercises so they could learn Visicalc, WordStar and later, WordPerfect.

We no longer have classrooms or students sitting before us in chairs, but I still believe in hands-on teaching. Zoom is the best approximation we have these days, so I have begun to offer Zoom-based classes to teach Google Photos. These workshops are free for our premium members. It takes at least 4 sessions to cover the contents of the book:

  1. Gathering your Lifetime of Photos and Videos (covering chapters 1-3)
  2. Exploring your Google Photos Library and Backing Up (covering chapters 4-6)
  3. Editing to Improve your Photos and making Creations (covering chapter 7 and 10)
  4. Organizing and Sharing your Photos and Videos (covering chapters 8-9)
  5. Getting the Most from Google Photos (overview and workflow)

The first workshop was held on Feb 6. Workshop # 2 is scheduled for March 5. Pre-registration is required. You can see all scheduled workshops listed on our Classes page. The goal is to offer one a month.


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