Hawaii – our 50th State!

Jim’s 70th birthday was this January, we had to celebrate big. He wanted to go to Hawaii, it’s the only state he had not visited. We decided to do a cruise on NCL’s Pride of America because that way we could easily visit 4 different islands in one week. We have now visited all 50 States … together! (If you want to make your own map of visited states, see this article.

For this birthday celebration, Jim said “the more the merrier” so we invited family, friends, and Geeks on Tour friends too. We ended up with 14 people on board the “Pride of America” cruise ship. Starting at the port of Honolulu and including ports of call at Maui, Hilo, Kona, and Kauai. We get it now – why everyone speaks so highly of Hawaii, it is beautiful both in natural beauty and in the beauty of the “Aloha Spirit.” We’re so glad we went, and the cruise was a great way to visit 4 different islands in a short time. Here is the group photo album. Everyone went to different places, so it was great to get photos from everyone. Stay tuned and we will be teaching exactly how to make a group album in Fun with Photos set to stream on Sunday 2/11/24.

Meanwhile, here is a highlight video:

If you want to learn how to make a video like this one … here’s your tutorial!


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