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January Photo/Video

Aloha! We started January with a cruise in Hawaii. We were a group of 14 and we all contributed photos to a group album. Hawaii was our 50th state that we’ve visited – and it was special. Read about it and see our group album and a highlight
video in this article.

Calendar of Upcoming Events


  • “What Does This Button Do?” 2 pm ET Sunday Live on YouTube
    • February 4th and 25th  Episodes 270 and 271
    • Members Only Backstage Zoom after the shows
  • Feb 6 3pm Google Photos Workshop #1. A zoom meeting for members-ony Recording Here.
  • Feb 19 at 7pm ET Google Photos Open Q&A
  • Feb 26 at 10pm Eastern Golden Gate Computer Society class over Zoom
  •  Tech For Senior’s Selected Mondays at Noon ET “Fun With Photos”


  • March 5 3pm: Google Photos Workshop #2 for members only. Pre-registration required.
  • “What Does This Button Do?” 2 pm ET Sunday Live on YouTube
    • March 10th and 24th  Episodes 272 and 273
    • Members Only Backstage Zoom after the shows
  • March 3rd, 17th and 31st Fun With Photos Podcast at 2 pm ET
  •  Tech For Senior’s Selected Mondays at Noon ET “Fun With Photos”

Ask the Geeks Q&A Forum

Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit ofmembership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions

  1. Editing RAW files
  2. Change Blogger header
  3. Sharing photos from within an album
  4. Specify Folders on Phone to Upload

Arranging your Zoom Meeting Views

We are in Zoom meetings multiple times each week and we’ve noticed some new issues recently.

  1. A barely noticeable dialog box is preventing people from unmuting or turning on their camera
  2. If your view is set to “Full Screen” (which
    happens by default when someone shares screen) you do not have access to top, bottom, or side bars.

You have my Google Photos book, but have you read it?

We have a lot of teaching materials avaialble for Google Photos that supplement the Learn Google Photos book. We’ve broken the book down into “Top Tips” for each chapter. And, we are now offering a hands-on class over Zoom each month.

Both the Top Tips and the Zoom classes are reserved for our Premium
Members at no extra charge. The plan is to offer one workshop each month. It will take 5 months to complete the whole series. Here is the list of Workshops:

  1. Gathering your Lifetime of Photos and Videos (covering chapters 1-3)
  2. Exploring your Google Photos Library and Backing Up (covering chapters 4-6)
  3. Editing to Improve your Photos and making Creations (covering chapter 7 and 10)
  4. Organizing and Sharing your Photos and Videos (covering chapters
  5. Getting the Most from Google Photos (overview and workflow)

We completed Workshop #1 on Feb 6. Workshop #2 is scheduled for Mar 5. Pre-registration is

Read the Article

Navigate from a Calendar Entry

If you use Google Calendar, you can add a location to your appointments, then when you’re ready to go,
you can navigate.

How to Navigate from a Calendar Entry Tutorial Video 837

How to Change the Frame of an iPhone Live Photo

Question from Mary:

Sometimes when I take a photograph with my iPhone, the snapshot moves
briefly when I view it. Why?Sometimes this exceedingly brief “video” has an image I would like to save and print at the beginning and not at the end of the movement. Specifically dolphins leaping from the water. Is there anyway I can stop the motion where I need to?

Google Maps shows the price of gas … and Diesel

If you search for gas stations using Google Maps on your phone or maps.google.com on your computer, it will show you all nearby gas stations and the price of regular gas will also appear. Now, if you click thru on any gas station and scroll down, you will see the
price of all gas grades available there.  Read the Article

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