Feb 3, 2024: Toastmasters Learning Institute, Hodgepodge of Tech Tips

Chris and Jim are very active in Toastmasters and often are found helping other Toastmasters with Technical topics, especially now that many Toastmaster meetings are held over Zoom. This presentation is a workshop within the District 47 TLI on Feb 3. The slides used for the class and the YouTube recording of the presentation are below.

Tips covered in this HodgePodge:

  1. Smartphone and Photo Tips:
    Emergency Contact on phone
  2. Speed Dial widgets
  3. Scan QR Codes
  4. Create QR Codes
  5. Use phone as document camera
  6. Clean your lens
  7. Pick your lens
  8. Google Photos: Magic Eraser
  1. Zoom Tips for Toastmasters
    Zoom “View” button basic controls 
  2. Rename, photo, avatar
  3. Microphone button
  4. Video button
  5. Ah counter w/background
  6. Zoom Advice / Settings
  7. Contest.Toastmost.org
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