Learn Google Photos – the Book Summarized Tip by Tip

There’s a LOT to know about Google Photos. The book is 150 pages long. If you take the time to read thru it, you will learn a lot! It is intended as a complete reference to Google Photos and I’m most proud of how I broke it down into thirteen chapters. Now, 2 years after writing the book, I still feel like all the knowledge, tips, and help I’ve given on Google Photos can fit into one of those chapters. I am continually on the hunt to make the information more accessible and more up to date. My latest effort is to summarize each chapter into a Tip. The tip is short and sweet, explaining what is in the chapter. At the bottom of the tip are links to “Learn More.” So you can spend as little or as much time as you like on that particular subject.

These Tips are in our “Top Tips” section of the website and they are for premium members only:

Note: Google Photos is changing all the time. We keep an ongoing list of what changes are made to the Google Photos program. Find it at GeeksOnTour.com/GPUpdates If your screens don’t match that in a video, you may need to hunt around. Having trouble? Ask about it on our Q&A page.


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