Is my Google account in danger of being deleted?

  • “The Great Google Account Purge starts tomorrow”
  • “Google Will Start Deleting Old Accounts Today”
  • “Today is the last day to save your old Google account”
  • “Google Will Start Purging Inactive Accounts On Friday”

These are only a few of the headlines from last week. Some may think that if they have an old Google account, (I’ve had mine for 20 years) Google might just up and delete it. No. The key here is “Inactive.” That means you have not signed in for over 2 years. I am signed in to my account all the time. I send and receive emails with gmail, I create documents on Google Drive, I add photos to Google Photos. My account will NOT be deleted by Google. I do have a few dummy accounts that I only use ocassionally for testing. Even with those, I log in at least once every few months, so they will not be deleted.

If you have an account that you actually use – there is no danger of it being deleted. However, if you have an old account where you’ve forgotten the username and/or password and therefore have not signed in for over 2 years, then, yes – that may be deleted starting on 12/1/23. If the account is deleted, any contents associated with that account, like photos, emails, Google Drive files, will be gone. Here are the exact words from Google:

If a Google Account has not been used or signed into for at least 2 years, we may delete the account and its contents – including content within Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar) and Google Photos.

Google’s Official Blog: Keyword

Notice that it says “we may delete the account.” So, it’s not an absolute thing, Google looks at several factors. Also notice that it does not specifically list Blogs and YouTube videos as content to be deleted. That gives me hope that people who cannot sign in to their accounts will not lose their Blogs and YouTube videos, but that is just a hope. Please read the full post direct from Google for more detail.

If you do have any content in an inactive Google account, you should make every effort to recover your password and sign in. If you are unable to sign in to your account, and you have any Blogs attached to that account, I recommend you use Blog2Print to get a .pdf of your blog so you don’t lose the content. See Tip032: Make cofee table books (or .pdf file) from your blog posts

In any case, please take heed and make sure you’ll never get locked out of your current account! There is a very simple step you can take now to prevent being locked out in the future:


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