If you use Google Slides, you have a Free A.I. Image Generator

If you’ve watched any of our YouTube shows, you may notice that we have slides to guide us through whatever topic we are discussing. I use Google Slides to create these. Often I add an image to the slide. These images come from a variety of places, some are our photos, some are screenshots, but sometimes I have an idea for an image that illustrates a point. I can spend hours looking for an image that illustrates my idea, or now with Artificial Intelligence I can type a description of the image in my head (that’s called a “prompt”) and maybe it will draw something I like in just a few seconds.

Up until now, I’ve needed to go to specialized websites or apps like Dall-e or Stable Diffusion to create the image, then copy it and paste it into my slide. Imagine my delight when, while using Google Slides, I clicked on Insert, Image, and one of my options was “Create image with Duet AI.” When I select that it opens up a right sidebar where I can type the description of the image I want.

For the article about Google deleting accounts, I thought up an image of a woman looking into an empty closet and being worried about losing all her stuff. I wrote a “prompt” for my worried woman and in seconds I had some drawings to choose from. I find that duet is much better at drawing from prompts about fantasy – like an alligator on a surfboard.

In any case, give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised with your results.

Then there’s the gifs and stickers. No prompt necessary here, you just scroll thru all the possibilities and pick one. There’s a clear winner here!


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