Show265: HodgePodge of Tech Tips for Travelers

  • 1:22 Walking directions with Live View
  • 6:20 Intro and Hello
  • 8:06 Google Product Expert Summit and our time in London
  • 18:27 Big Mill B&B with RV hookups where we stayed in N Carolina w Starlink fast Wi-Fi
  • 19:10 Neck pillow / puffer jacket
  • 21:11 Google Maps for Public Transit
  • 24:39 Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • 30:27 Photo Books from Google Photos Albums
  • 36:32 If you use Chase credit card, you can book travel thru Chase Travel
  • 38:52 QR Codes – 3 ways to scan
  • 45:17 Android camera shortcut
  • 46:56 Google Maps Timeline to see where you’ve been
  • 51:54 Review

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