Show264: Road Trip! Our Favorite Apps and Maps.

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 1:44 Quick tip – making a folder for travel apps
  • 6:53 Hello and introduction
  • 12:11 Travel planning and the possible apps
  • 16:25 Why we like RVParky and Demo
  • 32:32 A.I. can be used for Trip Planning now (…)
  • 35:17 RV App Suites
  • 36:03 Roadtrippers
  • 40:42 Miscellaneous tech tips for travelers
  • 46:08 Using Google Maps to find the next rest area, or gas station or …
  • 48:54 Offline Google Maps
  • 51:00 Google My Maps to make your own maps
  • 53:02 for more see
  • 53:33 GPS for RVers see
  • 56:51 Google location timeline
  • 58:10 Review

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