October 2023 News: Trip Planning with RVParky, Apple iCloud Photos vs Google Photos, A.I. and more…


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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks

After a few weeks at home, we started on our next adventure. A road trip in our sweet Roadtrek camper van. The photo above is from Charleston, SC. It’s James Island County park and they have a shuttle that took us in to Charleston where we took a ferry tour out to Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter is the location of the
beginning of the civil war. We love learning history where it happened. See our photo album here.


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As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  • Quick Tip: find your phone with your watch
  • Our favorite road trip planner is RVParky, what’s yours?
  • Apple iCloud Photos vs Google Photos
  • Video: How to ask questions of AI chatbots
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  1. Album Not Showing up on
  2. Deleting Duplicate Videos
  3. Google Photos on Computer
  4. Access Photos in Archive
Quick Tip: Use your watch to find your lost phone.

If you have a watch that is connected to your phone, you no longer have to say “Honey can you call my phone?” Just let your watch do it for you.

Open the Apps on the phone and tap the “Find my phone” app.

Read the article here

You’re heard of Artificial Intelligence – A.I. Chatbots. Have you ever used one? Here’s how.

How to Ask Questions of AI Chatbots Tutorial Video 799

Our favorite road trip planner is RVParky, what’s yours?

We are on the road this month … and also traveling to London. We need to know the plan. Where do we need to go and when will we be there?

Google Maps cannot do this, you need specific trip planning tools. Our favorite is RVParky.com

In addition to a list view and a map view (like shown here) RVParky also has a calendar view. It is so easy to look up and tell our friends, “we plan to be there on Monday October 30.” All we need to do is look at the calendar view in RVParky.

Read the article to learn more about how we use RVParky as we travel. And let us know your favorite trip planning tools.

Google Photos vs. Apple’s iCloud Photo Library

At first glance, Apple’s iCloud Photo Library and Google Photos appear very similar. They both can collect all your photos and put them in one library in the cloud.

But, there is a huge difference in the way they each work:

  • Google Photos is a
    cloud-based photo management system
  • Apple’s iCloud Photos is a synchronization tool to keep the photos in sync on all your Apple devices.

Read the article to learn more and decide which one is right for you.

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