How to find your phone using your watch

I know my phone is here somewhere! “Hey Honey, will you call my phone?”

Oops, “Honey” isn’t home. What do you do? We’ve covered this topic before, but that was before Apple watches so we taught how to use the web to do the job. Now, if you have an Apple watch and an iPhone OR an Android watch and phone, it’s easiest to just get your watch to make your phone ring.


If you have an Apple watch and an iPhone, all you need to do is press the “Digital Crown” – the round button on the side of the watch. This will display all the apps that are installed on the watch. (note: if you don’t recognize the icon for your apps, try using “List View” – Settings, App View, List instead of Grid) Look for “Find Devices” and tap on the name of your iPhone. Now you can scroll down to find “Play Sound.” In a few seconds it should tell you that the sound is playing and if your phone is in earshot, you’ll hear it. For more details, see the Apple Support article.


If you have a Samsung Galaxy watch and a Galaxy phone or any watch using WearOS – you can swipe down on the watch face to see your apps. Swipe left until you see the icon – a magnifying glass – for the Find my phone app and tap it. Your phone should start ringing momentarily. More details at Google Support.

Thanks to Martin Brossman for suggesting this topic.


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