Google Photos Open Q&A, Sep 14, 2023

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 5:22 Webpage of Google Photos Updates: and new menu
  • 11:40 Is there a way to manually upload selective photos rather than use Auto-Backup?
  • 17:52 When I download, where do they go?
  • 18:50 Face recognition with dogs?
  • 20:04 How to post on Facebook from Google Photos
  • 22:32 Can I copy any photo I see in Facebook and use it somewhere else
  • 22:31 If I use magic eraser on the phone app, does it sync to my computer
  • 22:42 How do you save a memory
  • 26:16 How to backup photos to offload from your computer
  • 31:05 Is Picasa still available
  • 32:10 How to add from Google Photos to a specific Facebook account
  • 32:54 I uploaded many GB of photos to Google Photos but now I can’t find them.
  • 35:26 Does Search only search thru images in the cloud?
  • 36:30 How to use a Group album
  • 39:44 Why do some photos not allow me to add a location
  • 41:42 Can you search for text that was typed in a description
  • 43:03 Can face recognition be downloaded along with a photo
  • 45:29 How to turn off the geo-location setting for the camera?
  • 47:20 How to backup photos to an external hard drive (video 574)
  • 52:52 What brand of external hard drive is good?
  • 54:24 Google Photos on desktop will not save edits, why?
  • 56:44 Can you request an automated memory?

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