Show262. Hodgepodge of Tech Tips for Everyone

  • 1:55 Remove photo background using iPhone or Samsung
  • 8:11 Hello and Introductions
  • 11:43 List of Hodgepodge topics
  • 12:38 Making a Map
  • 19:14 How to hang up the phone when it’s not obvious
  • 22:51 How to stop videos from continuing to play
  • 25:02 Google Maps Live view with Augmented reality
  • 27:52 Jump start your vehicle with a handheld battery, portable battery lighting
  • 32:12 Take a screenshot with Pixel phone
  • 34:53 Street View of each turn and destination
  • 39:37 How to do a Facetime call and include an Android user
  • 48:43 Google Photos – how to fix face-grouping errors
  • 54:59 Review

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2 replies on “Show262. Hodgepodge of Tech Tips for Everyone”

  1. Sounds like a tech enthusiast’s dream! ‘Show262. Hodgepodge of Tech Tips for Everyone’ – ready for a diverse mix of insights. Eager to discover a variety of tips that suit different preferences and needs. Let’s dive in!

  2. Exciting post! ‘Show262. Hodgepodge of Tech Tips for Everyone’ suggests a diverse range of tips catering to different tech needs. Ready to explore this eclectic mix and level up my tech game. Something for everyone – can’t wait!

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