August 2023 News: Deleting photos, Volume buttons, Google Maps live view, plus lots of new content


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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks

The waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


After Jim’s successful hip replacement in June, he is literally walking on water in July! (note: I was able to capture that shot because I use Live/Motion Photos and can pick my frame. see Tutorial 809) He even went scuba diving the last week of July. He didn’t bring home any lobster but it was a success nonetheless.
Starting in August we have travel plans to the Bahamas – assuming we are able to get our renewed Passports back by then. We sent them in in May and it’s not looking good. 😒


You can see all classes from past months on our Classes page. We did not present any classes in July, but we did start a regular segment on the Tech for Senior show – Mondays at noon Eastern.

We did 2 of our Sunday Live “What Does This Button Do?” shows:

In this newsletter:

As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  • Deleting photos with Google Photos
  • Google Maps Walking directions with Augmented Reality
  • Multiple uses for the Volume buttons on your phone
  • Dark

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What’s coming up – Our Calendar August and September

The Geeks are supposed to be attending a conference in the Bahamas in August. Here’s hoping our passports arrive in time.

We have online classes, though.

Chris is starting a new Podcast, Fun With Photos!

The videos will premier on Tech For Senior’s Mondays at Noon ET

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  • September 10 and 17 Fun With Photos Podcast at 2pm ET
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Your Smartphone’s Volume Buttons do more than you Think

When you press the volume up or volume down button what’s happening? Is it changing the volume of your phone ringer? Is it changing the volume of who you’re listening to on a phone call. Is it changing the volume of your notifications? Or is it
changing the volume of music or videos?

In general, the volume buttons are context sensitive. That means, if a video is playing and you press a volume button, you’re adjusting the volume of videos. If you’re talking on a phone call, pressing a volume button adjusts how you hear the person
on the call. But, what if nothing is going on? What does the volume button do?

Using Live View on Google Maps:If you ask Google Maps for walking directions, there is a really cool feature called “Live View” which will show you the real scene in front of your eyes and overlay pointers telling you where to go.
Check it out.

Walking directions AR Tutorial Video 590

Google Photos – when you delete photos does it delete from cloud, device, or both?

It’s important to be clear what exactly you’re deleting when you delete your photos.

Read the Article

Fun with Photos 1: Dark Photos

On Sunday July 30, we posted episode 1 of Fun with Photos. Our plan is to post a new episode on Sunday afternoons whenever we are not live-streaming our “Button Show.” Episode 1 was about managing those dark photos.

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Join us on a Hawaii Cruise – January 2024

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