July 2023 News: Fireworks Photos, Google Album Archive, Google Photos, and more

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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks
We’ve been home all of June because Jim had hip surgery so he can’t go scuba diving for a couple of months. Other than that, he’s doing great!
The video above is an animated gif of fireworks. You might be surprised at how easy it is to create. See the tutorial video


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In this newsletter:

As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  • Google Album Archive discontinued
  • Use Motion Photos for Fireworks
  • Google Photos gets a new editor for the web version
  • Deleting Emails in
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What’s coming up – Our Calendar July and August

The Geeks are staying pretty close to home for a while.

We have online classes, though.

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  1. Grandkids Album
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  4. Draw Simple

Did you get an email from Google about Album Archive being deleted?

“Starting on July 19, 2023, Album Archive will no longer be available.”

We’ve received lots of questions asking,

  • “Does this mean my Google Photos Albums are at
  • “Are the photos in my Google Photos Archive going away?”

No, and No. Google Album Archive has nothing to do with the Albums you see in Google Photos, or the photos in the Archive of Google Photos. It is a completely different animal. There may still be some important photos stored there however, so you should go take a

This article gives lots more details and includes a video that shows how to download the contents of your Google Album Archive

Using Motion Photos for Fireworks:

If you use the Live/Motion photo setting on your phone’s
camera, then you can easily make animated GIFs and more. This video shows you how.

Google Photos – a New Editor for the Web Version

For quite a while now, the Google Photos mobile apps (Android and iOS) have had more advanced editing tools than the web version of Google Photos at Photos.Google.com. See this video that shows some premium editing tools on the mobile app.

On June 12, 2023 Google Announced that some of these premium editing features are coming to the web version. In order to do that, they changed the layout of the editor on the Web version.
The new editor is rolling out now, you may or may not have it yet. This article, and video, will tell you what to expect and how to use it.

Read the Article

I just deleted 11,005 emails and I’m thrilled

I use Gmail as my universal inbox. ALL my mail is collected there. Gmail automatically sorts my mail into 3 categories: Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates.
It’s been doing this for a couple years now and it does a really good job of recognizing the different content. I know that, if I delete emails in the Social category – I’m not deleting anything in Facebook, Google+, NextDoor, LinkedIn, etc. I’m just deleting the emails that notify me of new content there. It doesn’t take long for the Social category to build up. I try to clean it out regularly, but it still had built to 647 messages. The Forums category had 59 and Promotions had 10,299.
Following the steps below, I deleted them all in just a few minutes.

Read the article

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