July 2023 Google Photos Open Q&A

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 4:33 Why don’t people see my photo’s location when I share an album?
  • 6:44 If I delete photos from the phone, are they deleted from the Google cloud?
  • 10:43 Why are my albums not in alphabetical order on my phone when they are on my computer?
  • 12:53 How do I backup just my best photos to the computer – still keeping everything in Google Photos?
  • 19:23 Talk about duplicates
  • 21:22 What to do when phone gets full
  • 22:16 How to add text to photo
  • 22:46 What to do when my Google cloud storage gets full
  • 24:03 How to move files from Google Drive to Google Photos
  • 25:14 Do I have to clean out/delete photos?
  • 26:28 Does Google Photos allow folders and subfolders
  • 28:32 Explain Storage Saver vs Original size
  • 30:19 Best way to display photos on TV
  • 34:29 I pay for storage on one account, how can that apply to a second account without paying again
  • 35:35 Why can I see photos on my phone but not on the computer
  • 38:34 Can I search for “photos similar to this one” in my Google Photos
  • 40:20 How to combine photos from 2 accounts
  • 41:35 How to make sure your photos are synced
  • 43:37 Snapseed on Windows?
  • 44:20 Deleting photos from cloud and they’re still on the phone? Review out-of-sync changes.
  • 47:56 Syncing on device folders
  • 48:53 How to have a photo on phone that does not get synced to cloud/Google Photos?
  • 53:16 How to add text to a photo
  • 54:38 Any way to get a simple list of album names
  • 55:01 Google Lens on desktop?
  • 57:11 How to copy a photo from Google Photos and paste into a document
  • 1:00:24 How do I reorder images within an album

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