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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks
In April we took an RV trip to Georgia to present some seminars at the Escapee’s Eastern RV Rally. Among other things, we taught how you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) with ChatGPT to plan an RV trip. Then, on our way home we stopped for a few days at Walt Disney World’s Epcot and had a fun time! I took the photo above, but you may notice some magical additions. I used the AI in Canva to make the fairy, and other tools, also in Canva to put
our RV on the monorail. Neverending fun these days with AI and images!
Here is my original photo:


You can see all classes from past months on our Classes page. We presented 1 class during April:

Join us on a Hawaiian Cruise!

January 2024 – You are invited to join us as we cruise the Hawaiian Islands on NCL’s Pride of America.

Jim’s (Mr. Geek’s) 70th birthday is coming up. He wants to go to Hawaii and he
says, “the more the merrier,” so we’ve arranged a group cruise through a travel agent. This is not a guided tour. Everyone who signs up will be free to do their own thing.

We will have 2-3 optional group meals and 2-3 optional group classes a la Geeks on Tour. The topics will probably be about smartphone photography and Google Photos with a lot of
smartphone “HodgePodge” in between. We’ll have a group photo album and maybe a photo contest. If we have enough interest we’ll book a group whale watching excursion since January is supposed to be a prime time for whales.

Save the dates on your calendar – Jan 6-13, 2024 and check it out at for all the details. Reserve and make $250 deposit no later than June 10. The best cabins are first come, first serve.

In this newsletter:

As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  • Never-Ending list of Tech Tips
  • How to edit a PDF file using
    the Free Google Docs
  • Using the timer on your phone’s camera
  • Force Quit Apps to ‘Fix’ phone

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What’s coming up – Our Calendar April and May

View the Geeks' online CalendarThe Geeks are staying pretty close to home for a while.

We have online classes and some Florida presentations.

Let us know if you would like a Zoom presentation for your group.



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  1. Converting Picasa to Google Photos
  2. From Google Photos to One Drive
  3. Undo Blog Formatting
  4. Quattro Pro

Using your Phone’s Camera Timer

Do you remember setting your old fashioned camera on a tripod, setting a timer, then walking around to get in the group shot? Did you know that your phone’s camera has the same timer feature? It’s actually very useful for selfies. Set the timer and press the shutter button, while the timer counts down you can hold the camera out
without the need to raise your other hand to press the button.

This article explains and shows you how on both iPhones and Android.

Reboot and/or Force Quit Apps to ‘Fix’ a phone problem – a video

Need to Edit a .PDF Document? Use Google Drive, it’s easy and free.

PDF files used to be cast in stone, you could not change them. Not so any more. With the free Google Drive and Google Docs, you can. This article shows you

Never Ending List of Tech Tips

Here’s a new feature on our website, check it out at This is a members-only feature, but there is one category called “Free Samples” that anyone can browse. There are tips on iPhone
Basics, Android Basics, Phone Photography, Google Photos, Google Maps and much, much more. Use the Search bar to look for a tip on anything. Rather than the complete articles and tutorial videos that fill our website, these tips are short and to the point with links to learn more if you want. We’re just getting started on these tips so there are a few dozen now, but it will grow to hundreds of tips real soon!  Most of them are answers to questions we get asked, so if you want a particular
tip to be added, ask a question on our Q&A page.

See the Tips

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