May 2023 Google Photos Live Q&A

  • 0:00 Begin and Hello
  • 5:10 Saving photos from email attachments to Google Photos
  • 10:05 How to move images from Google Photos to your computer
  • 17:35 Upload photos directly to an album in Google Photos
  • 21:02 How to know what albums an image is in
  • 24:19 Copying photos from Google Drive to Google Photos
  • 26:54 Do you get more than just Magic Eraser by subscribing to Google One?
  • 30:09 How to see Google Photos on my computer
  • 32:10 Where are saved creations?
  • 36:26 Do my phone’s filenames stay when uploaded to Google Photos
  • 37:27 If I share a photo within Google Photos where does it show up?
  • 39:53 What is 3-line icon in lower left of photo thumbnail?
  • 41:06 Why did I lose all my photos when I got a new phone?
  • 42:57 How do I copy all photos from one Google account to another?
  • 44:22 Does Google create duplicates? and how to delete them.
  • 50:24 How to change the date of scanned photos
  • 53:25 Magic Eraser
  • 58:22 Adding text to photo
  • 59:50 Moviemaker on Chromebook
  • 1:01:20 How to find or sort albums

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