A Poem Written by an Artificial Intelligence Bot? Try ChatGPT – it’s fun!

Have you heard of ChatGPT? It’s all over the news. It’s the latest example of artificial intelligence now doing things you thought only humans could do. It can write an article on almost any subject in about 10 seconds. It can provide correct answers to questions on professional exams. It can even write code, or write poems. You can try it for free.

  • Go to https://chat.openai.com/
  • Create a username and password – or just login with Google
  • If all is working well, you will see a screen with an empty field at the bottom
  • Just type your request into that field and click Send (looks like paper airplane) at the right end of the field

I asked ChatGPT to: “Write a poem about how Jim and Chris from Geeks on Tour like to travel and teach about technology.”

I could see it start typing immediately. In just a few seconds, here is the result:

Jim and Chris from Geeks on Tour
Like to travel and teach with aplomb
Sharing their knowledge far and wide
Helping others navigate technology’s tide

With laptops and cameras in tow
They roam from coast to coast and show
How technology can make life better
For all those who are willing to let her

They teach about websites and blogs
And how to use Google like a pro
They show how to make videos and podcasts
And how to stay connected on the go

Their passion for technology is clear
As they help others conquer their fear
Of the digital world and all its strife
With Jim and Chris, it’s easy to stay connected to life

So if you’re looking to learn and explore
Join Jim and Chris on the technology shore
They’ll show you the way and make it fun
And you’ll be glad you traveled with these two geeks on the run

What do you think?


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