January 2023 News: Vignette, YouTube 'chapters', Calendar reminders, Still shot from video and more…

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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks

Sun sets on 2022

As the sun sets on 2022 – we wish everyone a healthy, happy

The photo above comes from our last scuba trip of the year. (Do you like the way the edges are darkened? That’s called “Vignette” and you can do it easily with the Google Photos – see the how-to below.)
Friends from the UK joined us and we visited Bimini in the Bahamas and went
diving with Neil Watson Scuba Center . They are known for their special excursion, diving with Hammerhead Sharks. The Hammerheads did not disappoint. Check out those teeth!

Sharks are magnificent animals who deserve protection. Also in this picture is “Joker,” a tiger shark and a nurse shark. Yes, they were close enough to touch!


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As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  • How to add a vignette to a photo
  • How to capture a still shot from a video
  • How to set multiple reminders for an event on your calendar
  • How to watch just the parts you want with YouTube chapters
  • Blast from the past 2005: WiFi and Frequency Interference
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What’s coming up – Our Calendar January and February

January is Mr. Geek’s birthday month. Celebrate with us!


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  • “What Does This
    Button Do?”Jan 15 2pm Eastern: Episode 249  How to transfer photos from your phone to a computer
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  • Jan 16 7pm ET Valencia Reserve Photo/Computer Club Presentation Rescheduled to March 20


  • “What Does This Button Do?”
  • Feb 5: Episode 250
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How to set multiple reminders for a calendar event
Have you ever created an event on your calendar then missed it anyway? I have several online events
that are on my calendar, they even give me a one hour reminder notification, and I still miss it because I started doing something else and completely forgot at the one hour mark.
This article shows you how you can set multiple reminders using Google Calendar (or Apple’s iCalendar.
We think you should do this for our next Live Show Episode 249, because it’s about transferring photos from your phone to your computer and we don’t want you to miss it on Jan 15 at 2pm
You can have your calendar remind you of this by email or notifications, one day before, one hour
before, and even 5 minutes before. Read the article to find out how.
Happy New Year! May you never miss an appointment in

How to watch just the parts you want with YouTube “Chapters”

Have you noticed the chapters in YouTube videos? They allow the viewer to know what topics are included in a given video and to jump straight to the parts
they’re interested in. This article shows you how to use the Chapters to watch just the parts you want. It also shows you how to create those chapters for your own videos on YouTube.

Blast from past 2005: The early days of Wi-Fi

When we were brand new fulltime RVers, we worked for a company called Coach Connect who installed Wi-Fi in RV parks. We work-camped at a park in Arizona called Palm Creek and helped the RVers use the Wi-Fi system. We actually made house-calls! err RV-calls. Here’s an article from our personal blog about when Chris filled in doing Jim’s rounds: “Chris the Magic Techie

And, here’s an article from 2010 about how hotspots’ radio frequency interference prevented Steve Jobs from doing his demo when the iPhone 4 was announced. In 2005 while managing a busy hotspot at an RV rally, we learned firsthand about that interference. Maybe we could have helped Steve Jobs?!

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