Google Photos Live Q&A 1-8-23

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 4:20 Demo of Vignette
  • 8:45 Diving with Hammerhead sharks – wha?!
  • 11:16 How to deliver a 2 hour Google Photos class (Episode 191 and December 8 class: Do more with Google Photos
  • 13:34 If you delete from Google Drive, does it delete from Google Photos
  • 16:57 When you take a photo using texts, how do you get it in Google Photos?
  • 19:42 Can I do “color pop” on a computer?
  • 21:16 How to share the memory highlights?
  • 23:49 How to manage Google Photos storage
  • 30:02 What do the circular icons mean?
  • 31:22 Google Photos freezes?
  • 32:28 How to transfer photos from Google Photos to an external hard drive
  • 36:57 How to get a photo attached to an email to go to iCloud
  • 41:41 How to edit a Live Photo to make it still
  • 44:21 How do I share an HEIC photo in jpeg format
  • 48:09 Sharing a link to an album
  • 50:23 Uploading photos while traveling (see episode 233)
  • 52:20 Who owns the photos in Google Photos
  • 54:48 How to attach a large photo to email
  • 1:00:45 How to scan a QR code when I’m using my phone to watch the video ?

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