How to add video to a printed gift card using QR codes

If you have a video that you’d like to include with a card, I have good news. It is SO easy to create a QR code of the video, print it and put it inside the card!

In this example, I’m using a Christmas card and, if you scan the QR code you can watch a cute little JibJab video of Chris and Jim singing a Merry Christmas song.

You could use this same technique to include a home video of your family in a birthday card, or a favorite YouTube music video to add to a Graduation card, or an Introduction to Our Business to print on a business card. The only limit is your imagination.

Try it now

On a computer, using the Chrome browser, find a favorite YouTube video.

  • Open the video to play it, then pause the playback
  • Click the Share button in the address bar
  • in the menu that appears, click the “Create QR code” button
  • That’s it! you have a QR code for that video. Scan the code with your phone to be sure it works as expected.
  • Note: if you’re sharing a video from your Google Photos, you must share with a link first, then follow that link to see the video. Create the QR code from there.

Now you need to print that code on a piece of paper you can insert in the card

  • Click the Download button below the QR code to put it on your computer’s hard drive. it will be a .png image file. Hopefully, you have your browser settings so that you can specify what folder to put it in. If not, it probably will be found in your Downloads folder.
  • Now you can open the file and print it, but it’s better to create a document and insert the QR code file. Then you can control the size and add some other text

Learn more

If you need to review how to scan a QR code, this video should help

Episode 248 of our What Does This Button Do? YouTube show is all about creating QR codes. They can do much more than you think. A QR code can add items to your calendar, give you a map, or a person’s contact info. It’s all quite easy.