We are in Mexico! The menu is in Spanish. Here’s a tutorial about translating.

We are in Mexico! The menu is in Spanish.
A photo of part of our dinner menu tonight

There are several ways to use Google Translate to get this menu in English, but my favorite is to simply take a photo, open the photo in Google Photos and use the Lens button to translate the contents of the

The Lens button in Google Photos can translate the content of a photoOpen the photo using Google Photos and tap the Lens button at the bottom

The Lens button will investigate the contents of any photo and give you options.

The default option is “Search” but you can also copy text, or translate text. If there is text in the photo, it will translate that text from it’s language into English – or whatever language you choose.

The photo of our dinner menu after translation

You try it

Here is the photo of our menu you can use. Or, if you have something around that is in another language – take a picture of it!

  1. You must be using a mobile device, Android, iPhone or iPad
  2. You must have the Google Photos app installed
  3. Click the link above, then save the photo to your library and open it using Photos.ORTake your own photo of something in another language
  4. Open the photo in Google Photos
  5. Look for the Lens button at the
  6. When you tap on Lens, it will automatically do a Search, Tap on “Translate” instead
  7. You should now see the menu in English (or whatever language is your default)

Here’s an article to read more about using Google Lens.

Watch this short video to learn more about using Google Lens

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We’re scuba diving in Cozumel – one of our favorite destinations, enjoying the sun, the ocean and a beautiful resort.