Making collages with Google Photos and Picasa

Google Photos has a new collage making tool. It made these:

Making a collage using Google Photos is SO easy. You just select the photos, tap the + and choose Collage. It’s done. If you’ve done this in the past however, you’ve been frustrated that you had no control over which photo was placed in which position, or how a photo was cropped to fit the collage. Those days are over. There is an upgraded collage tool in Google Photos now. It’s only available on the mobile app though – either iPhone or Android, but not computer.

Watch this short video to learn how to use the new collage maker in Google Photos

It’s still no match for Picasa’s collage tool

Picasa may not have the fun, artistic themes that Google Photos does, but if you want total control over how a collage will look, Picasa can’t be beat. If you still have Picasa and you know how to use the collage tool there, here’s a tutorial on how to use your Google Photos pictures in a Picasa collage.

Picasa’s Collages

If you use Picasa and want a refresher on how to make collages, here is an 8-video learning
. This guide is only available to Premium members of Geeks on Tour.