Turn photos into artwork with Prisma

Prisma is a free app for both iOS and Android and it is just so much fun. Simply open the app, open a photo from the camera roll and then tap on one of the artwork styles.

You can do that over and over. Want to see what your photo looks like in “Tokyo” style? Just tap it and wait a minute.

How about “Daryl Ferril” – just tap and wait. When you see one you like, tap the Save button. The finished product will be saved in your phone’s camera roll and may be in a folder called Prisma.

Want more styles? Just scroll, that bottom row has lots of them. These are called your Favorites. The box at the far left or right lets’ you see 700 more styles and add any of them to your favorites. If you see a lock in the corner, that means you must pay for a subscription in order to use that style. There are plenty that don’t require a subscription.

Just tap on the “Surf” style to create the artwork on the right

I almost always like what the “Surf” style does to my pictures.

Just tap on the “Rainy Day” style to create this one.

This one is different, isn’t it?

I first wrote about Prisma in Aug of 2017. 5 years later I’m still using the free version and having lots of fun. It can provide hours and hours of entertainment! Warning – don’t open Prisma if you have work to do!

In case you’re wondering … yes, I made this collage using good ole Picasa

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    • Yes. Their ‘suggestion’ to purchase the premium version takes over the whole screen and makes it look like it is required, but if you tap the x in the upper left corner, you can continue on with the free version.

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