244. Zoom Meeting Basics revisited

  • 1:54 Automatic Transcription/Closed Caption
  • 3:48 Hello and Introduction
  • 7:31 Zoom meeting basics, How to join a meeting
  • 15:37 What IS Zoom?
  • 19:35 Zoom on an Android phone
  • 23:26 Zoom on an iPad
  • 26:55 Meeting Controls
  • 30:58 Meeting Controls when someone is screensharing
  • 33:19 How to change your display name
  • 38:14 Virtual Backgrounds
  • 40:55 Setting your profile photo
  • 45:18 Chat and Reactions
  • 47:37 Screenshare with iPhone
  • 52:18 How to learn more
  • 54:47 Review Questions

Zoom meetings leapt into the spotlight during the global pandemic when everything shut down and millions of people used it to meet with others when meetings could not be held in person. They found it fast and easy and oh-so-useful. 2 1/2 years later, it is assumed that you know how to participate in a Zoom meeting, but we know there are people who are still ‘newbies’ so we decided to revisit the basics, and we learned a few new things while putting this lesson together!

Revisiting Zoom meeting basics

  1. What you need (it’s all free, you don’t even need a Zoom account) to join a meeting with computers, chromebooks, or mobile devices
  2. How to control what the meeting sees (and hears) of you
  3. How to control how you see the meeting
  4. When you need a Zoom account and when you don’t
  5. Understanding the role of host (we will not be teaching how to host a meeting)

We will also have a few tips for the more advanced such as Screen-sharing and automatic Closed Captions.

Detailed Show Notes, for members only, below: