September 2022 News: Google photos tip, Tech for Travelers, Drones, and Bitcoin


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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks

August was a vacation month
The photo above shows us in our camper van at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. When you put your camper on a ferry, you have a houseboat! We love ferries. We took 3 of them on our way up the east coast to New Jersey. Then we left the camper with a friend and flew to England
to visit friends and celebrate a 60th birthday. We partied hearty, then we played tourist for a few days in Southampton, Stonehenge, and Isle of Wight. Now we’re back to our camper in New Jersey and will head south via the Blue Ridge Parkway.
We are loving life! We wish all our US friends a fun and happy Labor Day holiday.


Just because we’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean we don’t give some classes! As long as we have good internet, we can deliver them from anywhere, even from our camper van in a national park! We gave 2 such classes in August. You can see all classes from past months on our Classes page. We call it a “Class” when we deliver a 1-2 hour seminar to a group on a desired topic such as Using Google Photos, Editing Photos with Snapseed, and Map-making with Google My Maps. The web page for each class includes a slide show, several videos and sometimes a written handout. If the class was delivered over Zoom, we may
also have the recording of the whole class. These classes are for our premium members, although we leave them open to the public for the first couple of weeks.

We also did 3 of our Sunday YouTube shows:

In this newsletter:

As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  1. Google Photos Tip: How to capture a still shot from a video
  2. Technology for Travelers – when it works
  3. Jim is done with drones
  4. Chris thinks Bitcoin is fascinating, what do you think?

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What’s coming up – Our Calendar September and October
Back from our UK trip and headed home in the RV
Regular schedule of shows and some presentations

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  • September 11 2pm ET Episode 242 “What Does This Button Do?”
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  • September 19 3pm ET Google Photos
    Live “Ask Chris Anything”
  • September 25 2pm ET Episode 243 “What Does This Button Do?”
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  • October 4 7:15pm ET Kentucky Indiana PC User Group Presentation
  • October 9 2pm ET
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  1. Google Photos vs. Gallery on Android
  2. Facebook app or browser
  3. Google Photos Face Recognition wrong
  4. Picasa Photo Format
  5. iPhone Storage

Google Photos Tip: How to capture a still shot from a video


Technology for Travelers – when it works


Technology allows us to travel our way. It gives us complete freedom, but when it doesn’t work, it can be agonizing.

This article tells you about our recent experiences traveling in the UK. spoiler – we love trains travel.

Jim is done with Drones


He got his first drone in 2014, and he crashed his last drone just this year while we were in Italy. He’s decided he’s too old for the stress of flying drones. “I think I’ll stick to flight simulators in virtual reality. When you crash them, no one’s heart or wallet gets hurt!”

Read the article to see why he thinks this way and be sure to click the link to his playlist of drone videos he’s done over the years. From a hot-air baloon
festival, to an RV park in Malibu, to a dive boat in the Indian ocean, there’s some pretty cool videos here.

Chris thinks Bitcoin is fascinating, what do you think?


The world of technology changes fast. Chris is passionate about learning and teaching technology and she sees Blockchain and Web3 as the next big technology.
Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg.

Blast from past: Going way back this time

1993 New about Computer Savvy

Click the picture to enlarge and read the article about the Computer Training business that Chris owned from 1983-1996. Jim was the network administrator for Computer Savvy.

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