August 2022 News: Digital Estate Planning, Snapseed, Google Fi, Hero Cape

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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks

July was a stay-at-home month
We celebrated July 4 with an all-American cookout of hot dogs and hamburgers. Our guests were vegan so they brought their own Portobello mushrooms and rice. We both enjoyed some fine wine!


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    As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
    1. What happens to your digital assets when you die?
    2. Don’t just take photos, make them better with Snapseed
    3. Google Fi cellular service
    4. Google Photos Q&A
    5. Blast from the past – Google awarded Chris with a cape this year, but she’s been waiting for it since 1998!

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    • August 14 2pm ET Episode 240 Snapseed presentation
    • August 15 time tbd Google Photos Live “Ask Chris Anything”
    • August 18 PCBUG Presentation on Google Photos over Zoom
    • August 21 2pm ET Episode 240 “What Does This Button Do?”
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    • September 11 2pm ET Episode 237 “What Does This
      Button Do?”
    • September 11 3pm ET Backstage Pass Zoom Meeting for Members Only
    • September 19 3pm ET Google Photos Live “Ask Chris Anything”
    • September 25 2pm ET Episode 237 “What Does This Button Do?”
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    1. Transferring a GMail account
    2. Bitcoin
    3. Google photos editing
    4. Changing order of photos in an album
    5. iPhone Storage

    What happens to all of your digital assets when you die?


    You’ve met with your lawyer and set up a Will and Power of Attorney, but that won’t help your executor when they need the password to your Google account. Have you thought about what should be done with your account? Should it be deleted? Maybe you have some YouTube videos that you want to continue on after you’re gone.
    In that case you want your Google account to remain active.

    Read More

    Don’t just take a picture, make a better picture with Snapseed


    Invariably, when someone looks at one of my photos and says, “Wow!” it means they’re looking at a photo that I tweaked using Snapseed. It’s free, it’s easy, you should try it.

    Read More

    Do you know about Google Fi Cellular Service?


    In the U.S. most people use Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile. We like Google Fi instead and this article tells you why.

    Read More

    Blast from past:

    Google awarded Chris with a superhero cape this summer, but she’s been waiting for one since 1998!

    1998-2006 our business image before Geeks on TourChris is a Google Photos Product Expert. In this article she’ll tell you what that is, why she got the award, and how long she’s been waiting for her superhero cape.

    Read More

    Google Photos Q&A, July 18
    Chris answers 20+ questions in this YouTube Live-Stream, complete with demonstrations on computer, iPhone and Samsung, Android phones.
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