239. Don’t backup, Sync your phone’s data instead

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 1:58 First tip about “Know your Google Account”
  • 6:37 Hello and Intro
  • 10:22 Terminology and Concepts
  • 15:49 History
  • 19:06 What happens when you lose your phone?
  • 29:25 Q&A
  • 34:58 Where are your files stored? Device? Cloud? Both?
  • 46:50 Your Mileage May Vary
  • 48:17 Learn more: Episodes 137, 171, 177
  • 49:04 More Q&A
  • 54:51 Review

Smartphones, and the cloud, have changed our processes for “backing up” our data, Once you establish accounts in the cloud – Google, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. – then you can set all your data to “sync” and never have to worry about backing up again. In this seminar we focus on the Google apps because they work the same on Apple and Android, Mac and PC. The goal is device independence. In this presentation, we’ll show you how.

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