Tech Tip: Why you need two cell phones

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Yes, you can have 2 cell phones with one service provider and one number
Episode 229

Chris has had 2 phones, one iPhone and one Android, for many years because she teaches both. Recently we’ve come to believe that there’s good reason for everyone to have 2 phones.

You have a spare pair of glasses don’t you?

For the same reason that you have a spare pair of glasses, we think you might want a spare phone. We’ve come to depend so heavily on our phones that we can’t do without them for even a day. When we were traveling thru Italy, Jim had a scare when he dropped his phone. It refused to work at first, but with a little rest and a couple of restarts, it was OK. Whew! Dealing with getting a new phone when you’re in a foreign
country did not sound like fun.

You may have 2 phones, but you only need one with a service plan. Just like your spare glasses, you can keep an old phone as a spare. If you use Google Voice, you can get one phone number that rings on either/both devices. Don’t worry that your old, spare phone does not have a cell service plan, it will work whenever it is connected to Wi-Fi, and you might be able to get a spare SIM card if Wi-Fi is not good enough for you.

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  1. Tell me about it. A few years ago I went to a photography conference in Moab. Phone died first day. It had all my schedules, shooting locations, google maps and directions, everything. No stores to replace. Came home a day early I was so disgusted.
    Never leave home without 2 phones on different carriers.

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