If you like our YouTube show, you’ll love our show notes.

We’ve been live-streaming an educational show called What Does This Button Do? since June of 2014. Many of you have seen an episode or 2 because you subscribe to our YouTube channel, or because we sent you an email notice. Here’s a list of our last 6 shows:

But, did you know that we write up detailed notes after each live show? This isn’t just a simple bullet list of topics, it’s full, detailed notes of everything that we covered, including the slides. These notes are in .pdf format so you can print them out and keep them for reference. For example, let’s say you saw our show about taking screen shots, and you really liked the sweet little trick of triple-tapping on the back of an iPhone to take a screenshot, but you’ve forgotten how to do it. You don’t want to watch the whole 45 minute video again, you just want to skim thru some written notes to find the instructions. You can find Episode 232 on Screenshots by going to our “YouTube Show” page. Once you find the right episode, you can click it and anyone can watch the video. If you are signed in as a member, you can scroll down and see the detailed notes. There’s also a link to download the printable .pdf version.

Here is the part of the show notes that describes how to set up the triple-tap screenshot:

Each episode’s show notes are 7-8 pages long. and there are currently 236 of them! Each section starts with a link to the timeline location in the video where the topic begins. Just click that link to watch the exact spot in the video that discusses that topic. It’s called a “Chapter” and you’ll see little tick marks right in the YouTube video timeline where each “chapter” begins.

Benefit of Membership

These show notes are a benefit of membership. If you are a premium member, we have collected ALL of the show notes, in .pdf format in a Dropbox folder. You can get the link on our eBooks page. If you’re not a member, you can join now.