Have fun with your fireworks photos

I’m not going to talk about taking good fireworks photos, I want to tell you what to do with the ones you’ve already taken. Although I will say that fireworks are perfect examples for using our 10 practical tips for better smartphone photography. Especially #2 Keep flash off and #10 Use motion photos. Also check your phone’s camera options – some of them have a fireworks setting.

Make an animation

Animation using Google Photos

Using Google photos, you can

  • select several fireworks photos
  • click the + at the top and choose Animation.
  • That’s it. The result is a .gif file

See also: How to make an animated gif from a motion photo using Samsung Gallery.

Create artwork

Using a free app called Prisma (Prisma for Android, Prisma for iOS) you can take a photo and make it look like artwork.

A photo transformed to art by Prisma

First you must install the app, then open it and choose a photo (the photo must be on your device, it does not have access to cloud storage. Now you should see your photo in the middle of your screen and a series of styles. All you do is tap on one of the styles and wait a couple of seconds to see your photo be transformed into artwork with that style. I usually try all the free styles, it’s so much fun to look at the results. I chose the Surf style for my sample here.

When you like what you see, tap on Save in the upper right. You can save as many as you want. Your new artwork will be saved in a Prisma folder. If you’re using Android and Google Photos, you’ll need to go into the Library, Photos on Device, tap on the Prisma folder and turn on Backup and Sync. From now on any artwork from Prisma will show up in your Google Photos library.

See also: The eclipse is a work of art, with a little help from an App

Happy 4th of July!