June 2022 News: Google Maps multiple stop trips, Best photo exposure, Technology for Travelers, Blast from Past

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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks
One of our Geeks on Tour premium members recommended a book “Oil and Marble” … Thank You! What a great book! And that’s why we added Florence to our itinerary so we could see the original marble sculpture
of David by Michelangelo. At 17 feet, 40 tons, and 700 years old, it was a perfect statue.
For the month of May we were in Italy
The main motivation for the trip was to attend the CaryTennis.com Writer’s Workshop in Tuscany, but we went early and stayed late in order to see Rome, Florence, Sicily and more. You can see it all in our Photo Album

We did do one impromptu live-stream from the plaza in front of the Pantheon in Rome. And one more on the streets of Rome.


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In this newsletter:

As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  1. Using Google Maps to make, and save, multiple stop trips.
  2. Getting proper photo exposure when you have a dark room and a sunny view out the window
  3. Technology for Travelers: a discussion with our premium members
  4. Blast from the past – measuring a river in Google Earth

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What’s coming up – Our Calendar June and July 2022
We’re back home for a while! It sure is nice to be back in our studio.
Regular schedule of shows and some presentations
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Returning from Italy we plan on a couple of Button Shows
  • June 12 2pm ET Episode 235 “What Does This Button Do?”
  • June 12 3pm ET Backstage Pass Zoom Meeting for Members Only
  • June 20 time tbd Google Photos Live “Ask Chris Anything”
  • June 26 2pm ET Episode 236 “What Does This Button Do?”
  • June 26 3pm ET Backstage Pass Zoom Meeting for Members Only
  • July 1 6:30pm ET Snapseed presentation via Zoom to STUG
  • July 10 2pm ET Episode 237 “What Does This Button Do?”
  • July 10 3pm ET Backstage Pass Zoom Meeting for Members Only
  • July 13 noon-2 Bitcoin and Blockchain for APCUG Webinar Wed
  • July 18 time tbd Google Photos Live “Ask Chris Anything”
  • July 21 5pm ET Google Photos the Basics for PCBUG 
  • July 24 2pm ET Episode 238 “What Does This Button Do?”
  • July 24 3pm ET Backstage Pass Zoom Meeting for Members Only
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  1. Google Drive for Desktop
  2. Chromecast Data Usage
  3. No Albums on cellphone
  4. Combine Albums
  5. Convert from Original Quality to Storage Saver

Using Google Maps to make, and save, multiple stop trips

Our route in Sicily

Google Maps is great, but you can’t save multi-stop trip plans. Or can you? We used this technique on our walking tour of Rome, and then later when we rented a car in Sicily. Read this article to see how we did it.

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Fixing Poor Photo Exposures

Sunny window

When there’s a window with bright sunlight in your shot, and you want to see the inside as well, you need 2 different exposures. Here’s a simple fix, all with your smartphone and Google Photos.
How we did it was to set the exposure for the brightest areas using the phone’s camera settings before taking the shot. That way the outside was exposed properly, and the inside was still in shadows. Then we use Google Photos editing tool called “Shadows” to correct the inside part of the photo.

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Discussion about Technology for Travelers

collage of geeks

This was a members-only meeting we hosted upon our return from a month in Italy. We talked about Internet connections, chargers, luggage, Booking reservations, and lots more.

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Blast from the Past: Tutorials from 15 years ago

We’re celebrating GeeksOnTour.com’s 15 year anniversary all year. And, here’s a tutorial video about Google Earth from 2006. We don’t seem to use Google Earth much these days, but looking back at this video makes me want to check it out anew.

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