Google’s Travel site can tell you which days to book flights for the cheapest price.

Have you ever heard that the least expensive day to fly is Tuesday? or Thursday? or Monday? Is it true? I used to actually query for a flight reservation leaving on Monday, then change the day and run the query again. That’s a lot of work. I recently discovered the calendar view on that gives me all the information I need to know at a glance!

What is the best day to travel

I just enter the departure airport, the arrival airport, the departure date and the arrival date and I see this calendar with an airfare for each day. Notice that the highest is $1759 and the lowest is $567. That’s well worth being flexible in my dates!

What is the best time to book the flights?

I know some people who make their airline reservations a year out. I generally aim for 2 months out. But, what is really the best? Airfares fluctuate like crazy. How do you know if the fare you’re getting at any point in time is good? or bad? Once again, check out Google Flights (go to and click the heading for Flights) Here’s a screenshot where Google tells me that prices are currently low for this request. With that information in hand, I can feel confident in booking at that time.

Google’s Travel site includes much more than flights. Check out this article on for a complete guide to Google Travel.