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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks


During March we traveled a bit
As you can see from the photo above, that’s not Florida! Chris traveled to Nevada to visit her friend, Melinda, who lives on the edge of Washoe Valley which is home to herds of wild horses. From one extreme to the other – we also went kayak diving here in Fort Lauderdale, see Jim’s video here.
Classes in March
In this newsletter:
As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  1. Google Calendar makes time zones easy
  2. Google Photos will free up space on your phone with one click
  3. Blast from the Past: Live Streaming beginnings.
  4. Google Photos Live Q&A
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What’s coming up – Our Calendar April 2022

We’re Presenting Online and Live
Things are all online on our calendar this month.
  • Apr 3, 2pm ET- Episode 232 of What Does This Button Do?
  • Apr 3, 3pm ET Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • Apr 4, 12 Noon ET- Tech for Senior Chris is their guest on Zoom this week presenting How to take better smartphone photos. Visit their YouTube Channel
  • Apr 24, 2pm ET- Episode 233 of What Does This Button Do?
  • Apr 24, 3pm ET Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • Apr 27, 4pm ET Glendora Seniors Computer Club “Introduction to Google Photos” on Zoom
  • We’re in Italy for the month of May. Anytime we have the bandwidth and ambition, we will go live on short notice.
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  1. Storage Question
  2. Sending Google Photos Albums via Email
  3. Getting Old Photos in Chronological Order
  4. Add Calendar Subscription to Google Calendar
  5. Convert from Original Quality to Storage Saver

Google Calendar gives us the easiest way to tell time across multiple time zones.

We schedule our live streaming YouTube show at 2pm Eastern time. We have people who join us from all over North America, some in Europe and some in Australia. What time is it for them?
Google Calendar can tell me at a glance as long as I set it up right.

Google Photos: How to free up space on your phone with a single click.

If you take a lot of photos and your phone is getting full, you may one day see a message that there is not enough free storage to take any more photos.

Google Photos has a one-click “Free Up Space” command that will delete all photos and videos from your device if they have been backed up to Google Photos in the cloud.

Learn the right way to free up space on your phone, without losing any photos.

Read the article and watch video

Blast from the Past: We started live-streaming in 2014. We were crazy.

In 2014, when we started live-streaming, we used Google Plus and Hangouts on Air. We had a lot of trials and tribulations, but we loved the challenge.
We now have 231 “What Does This Button Do?” Live-Streaming episodes under our belt. They’re all listed on this page.
Google Hangouts on Air no longer exists. We now use Streamyard. See Episode 225 to learn about Streamyard.
You have to be a little crazy to jump in at the bleeding edge.

Chris answers over 30 questions in this one hour, Live, Q&A. In Youtube, below the video you will see direct links to each question.Google Photos – Ask Chris Anything

Recent Rave Reviews

Dear MrsGeek:

Sending a link as you suggested worked like a charm! Thank you!

I also want to thank you for the great job you and your husband do! You are so clear with your instructions, and your website is so user-friendly. I always know that if I need help with Google, this is the place to go!

Barbara M


Jim & Chris,

I can’t tell you how MUCH I appreciate the tip about removing backgrounds. I have been an active photographer all my life and have always wanted a way to easily remove the background from a photo without removing it pixel by pixel.

This is probably the best photography tip I have ever gotten and I have taken many photography classes.


Herb V

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