232. How to take a screenshot on any device

Basic tips and little-known tricks for taking screenshots on iPhones and Androids, PCs and Macs and Chromebooks, Oh My!

  • 1:32 First tip: Taking Windows 11 screenshot and uploading to Google Photos
  • 5:44 Intro and hello from Geeks on Tour
  • 7:04 video of Kayak Diving in Ft. Lauderdale (https://youtu.be/mJWHSmfno2Y)
  • 11:29 Screenshot overview: what, why, and where
  • 16:00 Screenshot on Mac
  • 18:44 iOS screenshots with 2 buttons, or 3 taps on back of phone
  • 25:37 Android / Samsung screenshots with 2 buttons or palm swipe
  • 29:58 Chromebook screenshots with 2 keys or system control center
  • 33:10 Windows PrtScn Key
  • 36:30 Android – Pixel phone special screenshot from multitasking screen
  • 37:38 Snagit – screen capture and markup tool – THE BEST!
  • 44:26 Review

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