Quick Tip for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Do you ever find it aggravating when you need to connect your phone to a WiFi signal or a Bluetooth device that it is so many steps? I mean there is a shortcut button for WiFi and for Bluetooth,  but tapping either of those just turns the feature on or off.  If you need to select a WiFi network or a Bluetooth device you need to go to settings,  connections,  WiFi or Bluetooth,  and only then will you see the choices of networks or devices. 

Here’s the tip

Yes you can use the shortcut buttons, but instead of tapping them, you need to Long press. When you long press the WIFI button,  you’ll be taken directly to the settings with all your choices, and it’s the same for Bluetooth. This works for both Android and iOs (with iOs you may need to long- a second time). All you need to know is where the shortcut button is. On Androids, you usually just swipe down to reveal shortcut buttons at the top. On iOs devices you need to get to the Control Center. On older iOS devices, you swipe up from the bottom, newer ones you swipe down from the top right corner.

You’re welcome!